Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Mine, not my son's, amazingly enough.

To you parents out there -- do you ever get over the anxiety of dropping your child off on the first day of school? Or at a birthday party? Or at a friend's house? You probably know the anxiety I'm talking about. This is not the anxiety that might come with dropping off a neurotypical kid on their first day of kindergarten. This is the anxiety with your Asperger's child every time something new happens, worrying will they be OK, will they do something that causes them to have a difficult time with the other kids, etc.

With the end of Christmas vacation comes the end of a sort of idyllic time for us. We've had a week and a half where we can relax, no school, no social skills classes, time to concentrate on games or movies or family activities that WE like doing with Will. No pressure to act a certain way, no pressure of a routine.

Then I drop Will off at school after Christmas break, and I always wonder if because of the break in routine, will Will have a hard day? Are we back at square one (i.e., the beginning of the year, usually a hard time)? This is the anxiety I'm talking about. Man, I hate this feeling.



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