Thursday, January 12, 2006

Politically Correct Deception

Today -- Dad takes Will out to the bus stop to wait for the bus. While they are out there, Dad picks up the newspaper and whacks Will repeatedly, just for fun. Will is punching Dad, they're having a great time, but Dad (5'10") is obviously more successful at getting his whacks in than Will (4'10") is.

So Will says to Dad, "Hey, Dad! Look over there at that huge squirrel!" [FYI -- there is no huge squirrel. . .] Dad resists looking at first, and then gives in and Will is able to get a good punch into the gut to Dad.

THIS IS HUGE! He's never done this before.

I'm guessing that the average age of neurotypical kids to do this is about seven years old. So Will is doing this two years later -- hey, it's the beginnings of learning how to be funny, sarcasm, understanding that others don't always say what they mean, and how you can use that kind of thing to your benefit. All VERY IMPORTANT skills for middle schoool. Hooray!

Is it weird that I'm applauding Will learning how to be deceptive, especially since I tried to make sure my other two kids NEVER did that?

Yes and no . . .



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