Friday, March 24, 2006

Really happy with Wesley Social Skills class

I have to toot the horn of our local Wesley Wonder Kids Club class.

Will has moved recently from the elementary age group to the middle school group. I was hoping that they would begin working more in depth with learning how to listen, how to enter a conversation appropriately, how to show interest in another person's conversation, etc. I was also wishing that they would use tv shows as a way to grab attention and show the kids how these concepts are used in real life. Well, they've done it! Last week's lesson was on active listening, and they used clips from "Home Improvement" to illustrate their point. I'm so happy that they do this sort of thing, because it really has had an effect on Will's ability to listen attentively to a conversation.

I wish that they could begin doing this sort of thing in a school setting, for kids with Aspergers AND with any kid that seems to be having a rough time socially, because there are a lot of people beyond Asperger's kids who need to learn these concepts. Sure, it's helpful for the kids to learn the correct way to listen, but it's so invaluable to having that feeling of social success. It really doesn't matter that they have social success with EVERYONE, but with people that THEY like and who THEY are interested in, being able to listen to another person's point of view is a wonderful way to help a friendship grow.



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