Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Breakthrough in the "being taken advantage of" situation!

We've been talking to Will continuously for about a year about not allowing his sister (or anyone else) to take advantage of him. You may have read earlier in this blog about the fact that Will's sister constantly asks him to go get her a drink, or a cookie, and he gladly does it -- but when I point out that she's taking advantage of him (she rarely goes to get anything for him) he says "I don't care! I love her!" This has been ongoing, and he has seemed so stubborn about this one issue. I would almost not mind his being this nice to his sister, but I don't want him to be taken advantage of by the kids at school [as an aside -- the kids at school are very nice, and I doubt this would happen].

Yesterday, though, we were at a sub shop, and they were giving out cookie samples. Our daughter LOVES cookies, and so she grabbed one right away. But she wanted Will to grab one for her (Will doesn't care for cookies that much) on the way out of the sub shop, and then give it to her. He just looked her square in the eye and said "Do it yourself!" to which I promptly gave him a high-five! Yay! He finally gets it! And we all laughed so much, that he continued to give her a hard time about trying to get him to do something he'd just as soon not do. Maybe it's all finally making some sense!



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