Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I have been talking with lots of parents lately about this subject -- parents of neurotypical kids as well as kids on the spectrum -- and so I've been curious about what everyone goes through with their boys and crying.

Will is a sensative soul. What can I say. He can cry at the touch of a button. But, ya know, that's something that we dealt with with our older boy. My nephew was a crier. And if you volunteer at your local elementary school, you will notice that there's lots of crying boys periodically at school. It's just that you aren't there often enough to witness it!

Just when I think that it seems like Will cries a lot, I will go to his school, and help out with something like Field Day. The toughest kid, the meanest kid on Will's old baseball team, will be the one who's crying like a baby because somebody looked at him the wrong way. This kid's going at it to beat the band, with no sign of being ashamed or stopping eventually. And I'm worried about Will?

With Will, it's more like he gets upset if someone is hurt on TV, or if rules are broken and he gets frustrated with that. He cried a little last night because we got to the truly frightening part of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Cedric was killed. I really hesitate to take him to the movie, because I'm afraid that he will get too upset. And I'm wondering, as I did with his older brother, "when will this end?"


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