Friday, December 05, 2008

Long time, no blog

It's been a very long time since I've added to this blog. A lot has changed in two years!

Will is currently in 7th grade. He is a happy young man, and becoming more self-confident. We have issues, for sure, but they are a lot less than they have been in the past. He has friends, he has a great relationship with his sister, and is doing well at school.

I find it interesting that the biggest issue I have with Will is his continual problems with executive dysfunction skills -- the skills that are required to be organized, to finish projects that one has begun, to pace oneself, to basically DO what needs to be done to function successfully in life. Will has improved, but he is still not writing everything down in his assignment book, still not noticing whenever there's a test in a certain classes, still not remembering all his homework. Mind you, I think he has exorbitant amounts of homework -- and I would talk to teachers about limiting the homework, but I'm thinking that long-term, he will have bosses who won't limit the amount of work, so he might as well get used to doing what is asked of him. Because of the unbelievable amounts of homework, we have stopped any theatre school activities, or social skills classes. He still does boy scouts, church, or social activities, but homework literally takes all day whenever he has it. But we are dealing with it, when it gets done, and dealing with it when it doesn't get done.

I hope to continue writing more often now -- and discuss with you all the differences that happen in middle school and high school.


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