Friday, January 09, 2009

How things have changed . . .

Well, well, well . . . I have read over some of my old posts, and I realize that I've learned some things.

1. Meds work -- for a little while anyway. And then, you can up the dosage, and it just doesn't matter anymore. It gets only slightly better, but there are still attention problems.

2. I like my son better off of meds. He is more "himself" and less morose, he has more personality and socializes better.

3. My son's older sister, who used to be kind of weird about her little brother, has turned out GREAT. This year, now that she's 17-18, has been wonderful, and she's back to being the wonderful, helpful, socially fantastic sister of Will that she used to be. He's learning a lot from her this year.

4. There's only so much the school can/will do. We only have one request now in our IEP -- that our son have opportunistic seating (front of the classroom), and he STILL is not being seated in the front of the classroom. So I'm stuck in the position of reminding the school administration that they need to actually TELL the teachers that my son should have preferential seating, or his grades begin to slip . . . hate that . . .

5. I honestly think that sometimes, maturity helps fix some problems.


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