Thursday, December 29, 2005

Frightened of movies -- thinks things on the screen are real

We have moved into a new stage of maturity.

In the past, Will has thought that much of what he has seen on the movie screen is real -- so movies such as past Harry Potter movies were often too frightening in certain parts for him to view. His Dad would have to take him out of the theatre until the frightening section of the movie was over, then bring him back inside the theatre to view the rest.

This is why I decided to read the fourth Harry Potter book (The Goblet of Fire) with him, which has taken MONTHS, so that he would be better prepared for the movie. Well, we were within thirty pages of finishing the book, and I decided that we better go see the movie before it leaves the theatres, even though we haven't finished the book. All of my concerns about his being too scared about the movie were unwarranted. Maybe it was because he had already read about the story line and knew what was coming, but I actually think he has just matured to the point where he knows what is real and what is not. This is a new thing -- and for his sake, a welcome maturity. He can now go to movies with a friend and not be freaked out by stuff he sees on the screen. In fact, today we are going to see "Chronicles of Narnia" with a friend, and this should be very interesting . . .


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