Friday, October 27, 2006

Aspergers and index cards

I wrote recently about us using index cards as a way to study for our children who have a hard time concentrating.

We have used them for two tests now, and Will has come home with excellent grades on these two tests.

Aspies have a tendency to have a great ability for memorization, so I think that there is a possibility that Will would have done well on these tests anyway. But I like using the index card system because:

1. It takes what could be an overwhelming situation (studying for a unit test) and breaks it down into small chunks.

2. Will seems to like the idea of using the index cards. He is motivated to do so because he gets to use different colored pens, and memorizing is something he is good at.

3. Writing down info on the index cards is helpful with learning what aspects of a unit are important to know, learning how to break information down into bite-size pieces that are easier to manage, and the very process of writing helps with memorization and handwriting skills.

4. Using the daily writing of index cards helps break up the homework load. For example, if the test happened to come on a day when there were all sorts of other homework, then trying to study after doing three hours of other homework would be too much, and not very effective. If one uses the index cards on a daily basis, then by the time the test day arrives, the studying has been done over a course of weeks, rather than in one very stressful night.

We actually began this system, at the same age, with our NT daughter. She is now a sophomore in high school, and uses index cards CONSTANTLY to study. It just makes the whole "studying for a test" much easier.



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