Monday, October 30, 2006

aspergers and Google Image

Another tool that we have been using for studying purposes recently is Google Image.

For example, Will is studying ecosystems in Science. We were given a long list of vocabulary that each student was expected to know for testing purposes. Will could memorize things easily enough, and we did the read the book/memorize the highlighted words/write index cards preparation for the unit test. But Will is a visual learner, and so I had prepared a flip chart booklet for Will by typing in a vocabulary word, i.e. "herbivore," or "biotic factor" into Google image, and then looking for and then printing whatever picture was suitable for that vocab word. When I gave this book to him, he was so jazzed! He loved that thing!

Like the index card studying, using Google image for a visual reference of a vocabulary word helps to break the topic down into manageable chunks. As Will's parents, we are doing this work now, but in the future, I will suggest to Will that he make his own "booklet" up by downloading images off of Google that are appropriate to what he is studying. The pictures are colorful, differ in size and subject matter, and just make it more interesting AND personal to study.



At 4:05 PM, Blogger asp413 said...

Thanks for the post, Chris. And yes, wow, you are right. Google images is such a wonderful tool for somebody with AS. If only it had been around 20 years ago, then things would have been SO much easier for me. Regardless, I'm curious how you intend to tackle the dubious task of locating images for those "unimaginable" (haha, oh that is SUCH an appropriate word) words such as consanguineous, corroborate, or antipyretic. I am a visual learner, too, and yet I've been able to master such words. I wonder what it all means. Good luck!


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